Monday, December 6, 2010

Let's Try This Again

I suck.


My training was hit-or-miss, at best. Two weeks ago, after 2 weeks off, I attempted to start Week 3, Day 1 and failed miserably. I couldn't even make it to the first running part. In the course of the last 3 months, I've gained (gulp) 20 pounds of the 89 that I had lost since last October. The stress of taking JJ to college got me to binging on the car trip, and then when we got back home, I couldn't (or wouldn't) stop.

So I'm back at 69 pounds gone. Which is still great. But I don't feel as good as I did over the summer. Or look as good, if I'm honest. The belly has come back. And one of my chins. Yuck.

So with the new Weight Watchers that debuted last week and my re-commitment to the Couch-2-5K, I plan to get this 20 pounds back off and the other 30 to boot.

My data for today:

30.09 minutes...1.95 miles...213 calories...high heart rate of 172.

Pitiful. My resting heart rate was 100. Two months ago it was 89. Pitiful. It's amazing how long it takes to build resistance, and how quickly it's lost.

But here's to a fresh start.

Here's hoping.

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  1. Patty~ I feel for you my friend, I have gained back almost half of what I had lost too!!!! Isn't it just disgusting, so I resigned up for WW and my first meeting is Wednesday morning. I still have many many pounds to go but I am thinking positively and I am going to loose it I AM!!! I did horribly when Mattie was gone at boot camp and now that he is in Iraq it has been a very stressful time and since I am a stress eater it doesn't help . I will keep you in my prayers and would ask that you do the same for me.